We Are Different

Best equipment we have is our teachers. 

AirAcademe inculcate team of teachers is a web net of professional individuals who are contributing in betterment of online learning. There is competition among teachers as well that they will get awarded on producing best literate humans for the world.

We are progressing every day since we start in the year of 2011 to achieve the best online teaching methodology which involved lot of struggle and research to recruit and trained them.

Now they are :

Multiple Intelligence: They possesses MI to make class more interactive & interesting

Learning Styles: Understanding Learning styles and how they can maximize learning using this understanding

Thinking skills: What is the student and how they can use them to inculcate virtue in the young through their session.

Active Learning:  Methodologies they use is to make teaching more interactive, involving & more meaningful

Cooperative Learning: How to get the get best out of peer to peer interactions.

If they’re laughing-they’re learning: Effective strategies towards using humor in session