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AirAcademy working with one agenda is to provide quality education affordable for Academic and professional students. Students from different parts of the world are getting even closer to their ambitions with our effective yet affordable distance learning solutions. AirAcademe would be a very LIVE and INTERACTIVE experience.

What is AirAcademe?

Two types of ideas come to the mind field when problem occurs, “Surrender or Solve”. So we decided to solve most of students not pass out their final exam may most of them Still not succeed to appear in the toppers.It is a growing and era of competition almost in every aspect of life. Tutoring, never been a new to the world of education and academia, but the ideas about pedagogy are emerging on routine bases. Air Academy is effectively promoting student’s learning skills and increasing student’s knowledge in specific subjects and topics by examining where student is actually struggling. It not only helps increasing basic academic skills such as reading, spelling, history, science and mathematics and assists in the process of evaluating and synthesizing information. Study guide, lesson problem, extended learning, and self-correcting quizzes and exams.


AirAcademe Tutoring Service is unique idea to equip students whenever, where ever they are situated. AirAcademe is everywhere, where there is Air. In this era of rapid change educators increasingly recognize that students must learn how to develop and apply knowledge creatively, not simply remember what they have been told.This goal requires shifting from traditional lessons based on transmitting information toward approaches that help learners build robust and flexible understanding.Such transformation of curriculum and pedagogy is a complex process for teachers who must develop new knowledge, skills and beliefs. To meet these demands, teachers need professional development opportunities that support them in a transformational process.  Unfortunately, most learning opportunities for teachers fall short.  New technologies appear to hold promise in overcoming the traditional limitations of professional development.  The World Wide Web, with its rich trove of multimedia resources, interactive tools, and telecommunication facilities, accessible from anywhere on the planet, seems full of potential as a facilitator of teacher learning.  Yet we know that mere access to technical resources is not sufficient to generate earning or to change practice.  How might the Internet be used to support communities of reflective practitioners committed to teaching for understanding?
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